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Different shapes of love.....

Fall in love again


Impossible year

How long

Song for someone

A beautiful escape

When we move

Memories without you Don't fear anymore


Mon-o-Phone is back after a 4 year hiatus with a brand new album “Different Shapes”. During the break from the band Ciska Vanhoyland and Koen Brouwers formed the dance company “tout petit” together with Lies Cuyvers. They played over 400 performances in Belgium, England, Germany, Switzerland, Malta, Denmark, Scotland and The Netherlands.   


But now it’s time to focus on the music! 


This record is about different shapes of love. Love for your partner, your children, someone you’ve lost, the environment and love and understanding for people who are struggling with life. 


“Different Shapes” is recorded with producer Micha Volders and marks a new sound for the band. The vocals, keyboards and rhythms were recorded simultaneously to get a very organic and honest sound. Even the haunting soundscaping that’s woven throughout the album was recorded at the same time. 


The first single is “Fall In Love Again”, a song about reconnecting after a difficult time. It’s also the first song of the record which sets the perfect mood for the songs to follow...... 

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